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or the thousands of trafficking survivors in Albuquerque, there is no safe place to receive in-person help.

But — if our building cooperates — there soon will be.

The Salon — located in a 1950s beauty parlor — will be a place where women on the street can get immediate assistance so they can begin to move their lives in a direction of their own choosing. It will also be a safe place for them to grab a cup of coffee and find a moment of quiet in a comfy chair.


Street Safe has ensured the women themselves have had a voice in what The Salon will eventually offer by conducting surveys with them.


Most women mentioned the need for housing aid, legal help, STD treatment and a computer to search for jobs, as well as a place to receive mail, take a shower and do laundry.

How you can help

While we are fortunate to have a building, we must do renovations to the property, including building a bathroom large enough to accommodate a wheelchair for the disabled women we serve.

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"The hardest part is having to fend for ourselves. It would be good to have someplace safe.”

— Jess, on the street for 5 years

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“It would be nice to have a place to go without getting yelled at ...  or thrown out.”

— Lynelle, on the street for 15 years since
age 12

If you would like to make a donation toward The Salon, you can do so here:

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