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We got tired of seeing women on the street being beaten up, raped and murdered — the second leading cause of death. Instead, we wanted them to have a fighting chance when they get attacked, so we made them fighting tools, which we give out for free.

self-defense spray spraying.png

We have been making our own pepper spray for more than a decade and have handed out thousands of bottles of it.

And the women have used it.

A lot.



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Street Safe partnered with women on the street to create “defensive jewelry,” which is wearable art they could use as non-lethal self-defense tools.

The result was a pendant that when used correctly, inflicts unexpected sharp pain on an attacker. This activates their withdrawal reflex, causing them to physically pull back, giving the woman time to escape, regroup or strike again.


The pendant is attached to a quick-release loop so the women can clip the pendant to their purse, backpack or bra strap but, when needed, have it in their hand with a single pull.

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