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We take the time to get to know the women we serve during street outreaches, where we provide clothing, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene supplies and other basic necessities of life.

But what is outreach exactly?

It’s when an agency goes “out” into the street to “reach” their target population, instead of having people come to them at their offices.

Street outreach is the main way Street Safe reaches people on the street.

Different organizations do different things during their outreaches. Some groups hold a picnic every six months. Other groups hand out bottled water at parks.

We specialize in stationary outreach.

During stationary outreach, we pick a spot on a street curb and stay put.


This allows us to put out bins of clothing, which is something we can’t do during driving outreach.


It also is a time for the women to fill out housing applications, work with medical and legal experts, and get information on other resources.


Our Friday night outreach, which we have been doing for more than a decade, is this type of outreach.

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