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Daniel Stutzman Memorial Fund

Street Safe New Mexico is honoring the life of volunteer Dan Stutzman, the son of Ervin and Bonnie Stutzman, with the Daniel Stutzman Memorial Fund. Dan passed tragically in February 2022 on Rio Grande River of the San Felipe Reservation. Thank you, San Felipe, for caring for him and returning him to us!


Dan was a great source of love, kindness, and inspiration. Having many close people in his life who have been affected by sexual assault and sex crimes, Dan strongly valued consent and regularly took classes or engaged in community activities to make sure he was well educated on the issues to keep those around him comfortable. This made him very easy for people from all backgrounds to be around and talk to about anything from religion (having grown up in the Mennonite community) to ethics and business.

In addition, Dan was also a talented musician and computer guru with a love for languages and dietary health. Dan could play the piano by ear and even tell the pitch of household appliances like a vacuum. After completing his bachelors in performance art, he went on to study computer science and later worked for Rosetta Stone and numerous other organizations. He had discussed helping to create a phone application to help our clients stay safe.

If Street Safe New Mexico had a Good Guy List, Dan would be on it. Meanwhile, you can donate in Dan's honor using the button below to help us keep others from having to experience situations that Dan helped to fight against, and to provide justice to those who have already been through these situations!

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