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Updated 3/10/22

  • Silver Dodge Charger with silver shiny rims. African American man early 20s, tall, about 6 foot 1 inch, had diamond nose ring, wore a hat, had an accent. Wouldn’t stop following a girl who was walking and eventually got out and told her to get in. By car dealership on Louisiana and Central. Happened: 2/24/22

  • Man who camps in Phil Chacon Park, salt and pepper beard, pretends to only speak Spanish. Kidnapped woman in his tent during a snowstorm and raped her. Wouldn’t let her go. A group came by to see if they needed blankets and he pinned her down inside the tent so she wouldn’t make noise, but she was able to scream for help. Happened: 2/14/21

  • Red Ford truck. White man, late 30s, brown hair. Pulled out a gun as soon as woman got in to do a date and demanded all her money. He was acting nervous and she could tell it was it his first time robbing someone. She gave him all the money she had, which was 72 cents. He picked her up on the corner of San Pablo and Central. 3 am. Report taken: 2/18/22

  • Older turquoise green four-door Hyundai. White man, 40s, blonde with slicked-back hair and feathered on top. with right eye that is “lazy” and red. Picked up woman on Cochiti for date and tried to grab a weapon he had stashed. She was able to jump out of the car while he slowed down to drive around a corner. 9 pm. Report taken: 2/12/22

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Black Kia, four-door, either a truck or sedan, windows aren’t tinted. Man is either Mexican, Native or Asian, quiet, clean cut, has black, slicked-back hair. Is very violent. In first attack he picked up woman in Mesilla and Trumbull area, did date and paid, but then broke woman’s nose and gave her two black eyes. In second attack, he picked up woman on corner of San Pablo and Central then ordered woman to “get naked,” and knocked out her front teeth. Both attacks were around 9 pm. First attack happened: 8/10/21; Second attack happened: 9/1/21; Report on second attack taken 2/12/22

  • Silver four-door Nissan. White man, older, bald. He started following woman at night as she walked down Louisiana near Central, trying to get her to go with him. He tried to grab her arm and pull her in but she got to a gas station and told the security guard. Reported: 1/28/22

  • White four-door car. Man, possibly Hispanic, 20-30 years old, dark brown curly hair, slight build, not tall. Woman was walking near state fairgrounds and he asked if she wanted a ride. When she said no, he kept following her to Circle K on San Pedro. Grabbed her left arm and tried to pull her into car. 8 pm. Happened: 1/1/22

Sample BGL flyers from 2022

JANUARY 21, 2022
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