We support the Bernalillo County Tiny Home Village project for one reason: A female-only facility would give a handful of homeless women a door to lock at night making it less likely they will be beaten, raped and/or killed.


That is the extent of it.


We are tired of taking rape reports and holding memorial services. Until the women have safety, they have no future.

Some people who are against the project have said the homes are nothing more than shacks. Some people have complained the women will have to share a bathroom.

The truth is the people who made those comments wouldn't want to live in a shack or share a bathroom. That is not what homeless women want.

They are sleeping in abandoned houses and using an alley ways for the bathroom. That is their life. Having their own shack sounds like heaven and sharing a bathroom is no inconvenience.

But you don't have to take our word for it. The women we serve are perfectly capable of telling you themselves.

96% of them said they would happily pay $50 a month for their own mini home, which we described to them as the "size of a parking space."

81% said they would be fine sharing a bathroom with other women

And according to the surveys we've done with them, 97% would want a shack even if it means sharing a bathroom.