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  • Black or dark blue Ford truck, lifted with chrome bars in front. Driver was Native with a tattoo of a feather on the right side of his face, neck. Pulled knife on woman before date but she was able to get away. San Pablo and Central. Happened on: 12/7/21

  • White, older Toyota Camry. Hispanic man in his 20s with man-bun with side of his head shaved and a tattoo on his left wrist. Beat up girl after date and threw her out of car. 1 am. Louisiana and Central. Happened: 11/7/21

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Man who looks like Buddha, with shaved head, dark skinned, maybe Native, about 5 feet nine inches tall. Took girl to crappy apartments on San Pablo and pulled a machete. Put it next to woman’s head. Raped her. Report taken: 12/7/21

  • ON-FOOT ATTACK: Unknown group of people possibly including two young Hispanic girls. Two women were sleeping in the alley next to Circle K on San Pedro and Central when people started beating them. At 1 pm. One of the women was in the hospital for 17 days. Happened: 11/10/21

  • Black four-door car with tinted windows. Man had dark hair down to his butt, is short, chunky, light skinned. Asked if he could take condom off for oral during a date. He then tried to rob woman, broke her nose. Report taken: 11/26/21

  • ON-FOOT ATTACK: Older, bald, dark skinned skinny man with accent who is missing his front teeth. About 5 feet, 8 inches tall. Had his pants down and humping girl while she slept on Texas St SE ear Central Ave. 6 am. Report taken: 11/26/21

  • Black Chevy Silverado truck. White man, with red hair and beard. Tall, about 6 foot, 3 inches. Hangs out at In & Out convenience store on Pennsylvania St and Central Ave. Approaches women for sex and if she refuses, he gets really aggressive and starts following you. Report taken: 11/26/21

  • Dark blue or black vehicle with tinted windows. Man is Hispanic or White with glasses. Skinny and tall. With dark hair. Wear baseball cap. Will give you half of the money for date, but when you ask for other half he hesitates and then punches you. 7-8 pm. Cochiti and Central. Report taken: 11/26/21

  • Black pickup truck with something on top of the truck. Mexican man who is short, muscular and clean cut. Picked girl up at the Downs casino and took her to alley near Louisiana and Gibson for a date. He was high. And got really aggressive once his pants were down. Insisted he be on top. 1-2 am. Report taken: 11/26/21

  • DRIVES TWO CARS: Silver Silverado truck and white Genesis with tinted windows. Man, 61, Hispanic and dark skinned who lives downtown. He drugs women’s drinks and then rapes and beats them. He lives near Lomas and I-25. 11/11/21

  • Black four-door car, tinted windows. Man is short and chunky with long, dark hair down to his butt. During date he tried to take off the condom and then tried to rob her. He broke her nose. Happened in trailer park off Wyoming. 9/15/21

  • ON-FOOT ATTACK: Mexican man with accent, dark skinned, salt-and-pepper hair. Woman was walking by the tents on Tennessee St SE and he asked if she lived in the area. Then he started to yell at her and hit her. 3 am. 10/7/21

  • Silver and white PT Cruiser. Driver is Cuban, 40-50 years old, chubby, short, about 5 feet tall, has strong accent, Drives in Nob Hill area during the day and at night from 3-4 am. Asks if you want a ride. He pinches during date and then will grab you when you get out. Is very violent. Central and San Mateo. 9//21

  • Two-door blue truck with tinted windows and black chile license plate. White man in his 40s, skinny, tall, 6 feet 3 inches, blue eyes. Woman was walking by casino near Louisiana and Central when he picked her up to do date. He gave her cash up front, but when he parked on San Pedro and Gibson near VA hospital, he beat her with a brick, took the cash away and threatened to kill her if she screamed. Woman was in the hospital for two months. Picked her up at 3:30 pm and held her until 7:30 pm. 6/1/21

  • Red Ford truck. Hispanic man, older, balding with gray hair. Woman was walking with young girl who he threatened to rape. He told the woman he was going to put a baby in her. He drives up and down Central Ave 9/3/21

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Very tall white man, about 6-feet, 5 inches tall, who is mentally ill grabbed a woman as she walked past and tried to rape her. She was able to mace him and get away. 10 am. Central and Dallas. 9/3/21

  • MULTIPLE ATTACKS: White four-door hooptie car. Man with Mexican accent and green eyes, skinny, 35-40 years old, light complexion, 5-feet 7-inches tall. Will pick up girl to do date then pull into alley off of Gibson so no one will hear her scream. Starts choking her. One girl got away by screaming and was able to get the door open. Picked up on Central near Charleston. 8/12/21 and 8/13/21

  • Black Kia Truck. Man did date and paid but then started beating girl, giving her two black eyes and breaking her nose. Mesilla and Trumbull. Nighttime. 8/10/21

  • ANOTHER ATTACK BY SERIAL RAPIST WITH TAZER, USES MULTIPLE CARS: Black Dodge Avenger, black pickup truck, tan Camry, OLD WHITE MAN WHO WEARS GLASSES AND HAS ONE REALLY RED EYE. The old man tazed one women 6 times. Tazed another woman and her dog. Drives on Central Ave between Louisiana and Wyoming Blvds. Most recent attack was 8/13/21. Also attacks from 3/26/21, 2/20/21, 1/15/21, 12/28/20, 12/15/20, 12/1/20, 12/9/20. Other attacks around 6/11/20

  • ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPINGS; MULTIPLE ATTACKS: Black F­ord Focus, 4-door, tinted windows with covered license plate. White man, 180 pounds, “big boned,” black hair, glasses, looked like a “nerd.” In first attack, he offered girl a ride and she got in. But he was naked from the waist down. When she tried to get out, he started hitting her. He tried follow her on foot when she escaped. In second attack, he was again naked from the waist down and tried to grab girl off of street and kidnap her. San Pedro and Louisiana. 7/7/21 and 8/5/21

  • Black car. Hispanic man, gray hair, chubby, about 5 feet, 6 inches tall, light skinned with pregnant wife. Hit woman on the head and fractured her collarbone. Charleston St NE. 7/23/21

  • ATTACK AGAINST A MAN: White cis man, 40-60 years old, attacked another cis man while he was sleeping outside and forced him to perform oral sex. Park near Carlisle and Menaul. 6:30 am. 7/20/21 Note: A “cis” man is someone who was born with a penis and dresses like a stereotypical man

  • ATTACK AGAINST A MAN; SERIAL RAPIST: White 4-door Ford Fusion no license plate and damage to front drivers side. Hispanic cis man, 25-40 years old. In first attack on 7/14/21, he raped cis man. In second attack on 7/24/21, he picked up cis man to do date and held a gun on him. Both attacks in Central/ Louisiana area. Note: A “cis” man is someone who was born with a penis and dresses like a stereotypical man

  • Puerto Rican/white man with who is staying in Luna Lodge, first name might be “Joe,” kidnapped, raped and almost killed girl. Tried to make her do meth. Had lots of knives. He has a “veni vedi vici” tattoo on his bicep. 7/14/21

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Black man, 30 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall, bald, dressed all in black with a hoodie. Woman was walking on San Pablo when man tried to grab her and pull her into a dead-end street. She was able to right him off. 11 pm. 7/13/21

  • Three black men, car unknown, offered woman a ride after she got dropped off from MDC near Fourth St. Held her for three days. Drugged, beat and raped her. They kept talking about breaking her and finding other women. They let her escape to warn other women on the street. 7/7/21

  • Four-door silver car with tinted windows and license plate AJX184 or 185. Man and 2 women attacked girl who was sitting behind Indian Center, grabbed her purse and hit her in the head with a gun. Man had black, short hair, with gauge earrings, sunglasses. Zuni and Texas 6/30/21

  • Light gray SUV with tinted windows. Came up to girl and asked for a light then grabbed her purse and took off. They came back later and threw eggs at her. Charleston and Chico. 7/2/21

  • Black Cuban man on oxygen, heavyset, about 60 years old, 5-feet 8-inches tall, with moles on face. Drives small, dark-blue SUV, older model from about 2004. He says he is a government correctional officer. Befriended girl. She cleaned his house and he paid with drugs. He became more aggressive. One night, he gave her juice and she passed out. When she woke up, her clothes were off. He said he had sex with her and laughed about it. 3/1/21

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Hispanic man, bald with a goatee and low IQ, tanned skin. Sometimes has a bike. He will randomly beat up women who walk past him. Near Charleston and Central. 5/28/21

  • NEW INFO ON PLATE NUMBER: 1970s White van with blue stripes license plate PGP 228. Two younger Hispanic guys. Will follow girl while she does dates and then after she makes some money, the guys will use tazer, beat up and rob her. Louisiana and Central. 2/20/21

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Older Hispanic man with grayish hair. Offers dope but then kidnaps the girls and beats them. Louisiana and Zuni. 5/21/21

  • White minivan with tinted windows. Woman was walking her dog when her dog started growling at a well-dressed Hispanic man walking behind her and talking on a cellphone. A white van then pulled up in front of her and blocked her path, and two Hispanic men jumped out. She was able to run away. Osuna Rd NE and I-40. 7 pm 5/1/21

  • 1974 light blue Volkswagen Rabbit. Mexican man, bald, short, stocky, about 55 years old. Speaks Spanish. Door handles are gone so you can’t get out. Told girl, “I’m going to have sex with you or I will kill you.” Central and Wyoming. 4/23/21

  • New silver car. Native man in late 20s, works as a mechanic. Picked up girl for date but kidnapped and raped her. Met her at McDonalds’s on Wyoming and Central. 4/15/21

  • SERIAL RAPIST WITH TAZER USES MULTIPLE CARS: Black Dodge Avenger, black pickup truck, tan Camry, OLD WHITE MAN WHO WEARS GLASSES AND HAS ONE REALLY RED EYE. The old man tazed one women 6 times. Tazed another woman and her dog. Drives on Central Ave between Louisiana and Wyoming Blvds. Most recent attacks were 3/26/21, 2/20/21, 1/15/21, 12/28/20, 12/15/20, 12/1/20, 12/9/20. Other attacks around 6/11/20Off white four-door older car, from 1980s. Two white men in their early 40s. Had tazer. Grabbed girl off the street as she was walking and passenger pulled her into backseat. Happened early evening. Louisiana and Central 4/9/20

  • Light blue, older model car. Driver was young and Mexican. He pulled a gun and told her to perform oral sex. She refused and he told her, “You’re not worth a bullet.” Picked up her up near San Pablo and Central. 3/26/21

  • Black extended cab truck. Two men. Girl got in to do date and didn’t return for several days. California and Central3/26/21

  • Bright green 2-door sports car that is very loud. Mexican man about 30 years old.  Took girl to his house, held her for 24 hours and raped her. Wyoming and Central. 3/5/21

  • Light gray minivan. Hispanic man, short, ­light skinned with dark hair and glasses. Wears a face mask and hat. Picked up girl for a date and started hitting her with a brick. Threw her out onto the road near Eubank and Central. 3/15/21

  • New white Honda. Bald, tall, white man. He gets women who do dates in his car and beats them up with a pole. One rumor is that he kills them. Central and Louisiana. 3/9/21

  • Gold, small 4-door car. Hispanic guy, 30-40. Picked up girl for date. Tazed her and tried to rape her. She managed to get out of car but he grabbed hold of her and dragged her. 3/1/21

  • 1970s White van with blue stripes. Two younger Hispanic guys. Will follow girl while she does dates and then, after she makes some money, the guys will use tazer, beat up and rob her. Louisiana and Central. 2/20/21

  • Gray Mitsubishi truck, license plate 242-TXG. Two men in car. One white and the other Latino. Description is similar to incident below where three men beat a woman with poles. In most recent attack, they offered girl $50 to date both of them. When girl refused, they got aggressive. California and Central. 2 pm 2/3/21

  • White 2002 Honda hatchback. Three men, Native or Middle Eastern. Description is similar to incident above involving two men. They follow girls, then get out and beat them with rods. Broke one girl’s ribs. They hang out at the In and Out. First attack: Pennsylvania and Central. 10:30 pm. 9/25/20. Second attack: Española and Central. 3 pm. 11/1/20

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Black four-door compact car, license plate is “ALK-492.” White guy, brown hair. Might be cross eyed. In first attack, he beat girl when she refused to do date and split her tongue. In second attack, he tried to take off the woman’s clothes to rape her. Central and California. He is out after dark. 1/5/21 and 1/12/21

Sample BGL flyers from 2021

DECEMBER 3, 2021
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JULY 2, 2021
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MARCH 12, 2021
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