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  • MAN WITH TAZER USES MULTIPLE CARS: Black Dodge Avenger, black pickup truck, tan Camry, old white man with one really red eye who wears glasses, tazed one women 6 times. Tazed another woman and her dog. Drives on Central Ave between Louisiana and Wyoming Blvds. Most recent attacks were 12/1/20, 12/9/20. Other attacks around 6/11/20

  • Native man with some gray hair, 5 feet 7 inches tall, got into woman's hotel room and attacked her. He raped her at knifepoint and bit her all over her body. Hotel was near San¬ Pedro and Central. 10 pm. 12/15/20

  • Man in his 30s, White/Hispanic with red hair who speaks Spanish, raped woman while she was sleeping in her tent. San Pedro and Central. 2:30 am. 12/14/20

  • Four-door white car with out-of-state license plate. Black man, bald, heavy set. Says he is a pastor. Beat girl and held her for two days. Is out at night. At San Pedro and Central. 12/7/20

  • Group of 3-4 men have been trying to grab woman while she slept in tent. She said they have been following her. Wyoming and Pennsylvania. 12/1/20­­

  • Silver Dodge Dart. Hispanic/white man with green eyes and brown hair called “Jay” punched girl in the face, stole all her stuff. 11 pm Central and Florida. 11/23/20

  • Blue Nissan Maxima with tinted windows. Driver is old, Hispanic guy and passengers are young, Hispanic guys. They surround girls who are out walking and steal their stuff. They stabbed one girl and set another one on fire. 3 am. Central and Louisiana 11/20/20

  • Dark green/blue 1993 Toyota with paint damage on hood. Hispanic man in his late 40’s. Bald. About 6 feet, one inch tall. Overweight. Will follow girls and try to pick up ones who do dates. Has a tazer. Is out all night from 9 pm to 9 am. Central Ave 11/18/20

  • White 2002 Honda hatchback. Three men, Native or Middle Eastern. They follow girls, then get out and beat them with rods. Broke one girl’s ribs. They hang out at the In and Out. First attack: Pennsylvania and Central. 10:30 pm. 9/25/20. Second attack: Espanola and Central. 3 pm. 11/1/20

  • White pickup truck. White man, 60-70 years old, gray hair. Would not stop following woman in a wheelchair. Keeping doubling back for more than a mile. San Mateo and Central. 11/17/20

  • Light gray van with stripe on side. Young Hispanic man in his 20s with black fingernail polish. Wears Harley-Davidson clothes and sometimes is on a motorcycle. The van is rigged so you can’t get out once you get in. He tells girls, “You are too beautiful to be out here.” Wants to kidnap girls and force them to do dates. Central and Tramway. 10/26/20

  • Older green Ford Explorer. Older black man, bald, no teeth, big lips, heavy set. Grabbed girl off the street, punched her. Cochiti and Acoma. 12 pm. 10/18/20

  • Dark gray Dodge Ram 2500. Mexican man, 20-25, with a shaved head. Ran over girl because she said she didn’t want to do a date. Wisconsin St SE and Zuni Rd 5 am 9/23/20

  • Car unknown. Tall, bald man with big scruffy beard. Man wanted to do date. Choked her, raped her at knifepoint. Central and Florida. 5 am. 8/30/15

  • Dark green minivan. Two young white boys. Tried to show a girl an app on their phone and said they couldn’t figure it out. They grabbed her and took her to Tramway. Tried to rape her but she was able to get away. 1 am. Motel 6 on Carlisle. 8/14/20

  • Motorcycle. White man with long hair. Tried to run girl over when she said she didn’t want to do a date. San Pablo and Central. 7/24/20

  • Two men near Coronado Mall started yelling at woman who walked by them then followed her. They hit her from behind and when she woke up, they were on top of her. 2 pm. Louisiana and Indian School. 7/24/20

  • Santa Fe Hyundai, man might be called “Jeremy,” in his 40s, short gray hair, goatee, talks slow, unintelligent, 5 feet 11 inches tall, will pay for a room then get violent. 6/26/20

  • INTERNET DATE: named “Raul,” mid-40s, possibly from Arizona, does dates at hotels near the airport. He has short dark hair with gray at the sides and a goatee with gray on the chin. Violent, aggressive. Attacks girls who set up dates through the internet. 7/17/20

  • Native man, homeless, 40s. Woman woke up at bus stop with hi­­­m on top of her pulling down her pants. When she yelled for help, he ran away. 4 am. Indianan and Central Ave 6/26/20

  • Dark blue 4-door Saturn. Hispanic man with an Spanish accent. 30s. Medium height and build. Got aggressive and stole of the girls stuff. 7/1/20 At Los Altos Park.

  • Older tan Oldsmobile, four door. White man, 25 years old, almost bald with light brown hair. Followed girl around the War Zone. When she walked past him he pulled out gun and pointed it at her saying, “I hate all of you women out here. I’ll kill all of you.” Possibly working with man below driving dark blue hatchback. 10 pm. 7/5/20

  • Dark blue Honda-like hatchback. Chinese man, 6 feet tall, 20-30 years old, nice at first then pulled out tazer. He picked up girl to  “save her” from man with gun driving the Oldsmobile, but the two men may have been working together. Attacked her.10 pm. 7/5/20

  • SERIAL RAPIST; ATTACKS WOMEN WHO WALK BY: Near intersection of Eubank and Central Ave. Women walking there at night have been hit from behind so they black out. There have been at least three attacks in the last 9 nine months. In March, a woman walking by was hit over the head and knocked out, then dragged behind the old IHOP and raped. She was in a coma for three days. In January, a woman walking by got hit and blacked out. All of the lights are out in the area so it is very dark. And the property around it is either vacant or empty. 5/29/20

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Blue GMC Jimmy/4-runner, license plate starts with “622;” White Malibu; Dark blue Toyota-like 4-door car; White F-250 dual cab truck. Chicano/ Native/Asian man in baseball cap, 25-30 years old, medium build, seems like he was in the military, wavy short dark hair, skin tag by right eye, he takes off baseball cap when he starts to attack. Has gun and curved knife. Beats girls. Is very cold. Took one girl to Motel 6 on Central and Tramway to do date then attacked her. Attacks were 2018; 9/20/19; 11/20/19. Most recent attack April 2020.

  • WE BELIEVE THERE ARE TWO MEN IN TWO DIFFERENT CARS ATTACKING WOMEN WITH TAZERS: Light blue SUV, possibly a Honda CRV, and also a black four-door car. Old white man, who wears glasses, has one eye that is really red AND Native man with long, black, curly hair. The old man tazed one women 6 times. Both of them drive on Central Ave between Louisiana and Wyoming Blvds. Most recent attack was 6/11/20

  • White old-fashioned van, possibly gray or silver. Old man in his 70s, drives really slowly, asks for date and grabs girls by the hair. San Pablo and Central. 6/7/20

  • White or Chicano man, 40s-50s, is short but muscular. Works as security guard or cop in area near San Mateo and Central Ave. Followed girl then tried to pull her into a vacant building near Family dentistry. Very aggressive. He ripped drink out of her hand, took her clothes and threw them into the street. Kept saying that woman” owed” him something, but he was a stranger. Daytime. 6/6/20

  • Black Civic-like car with all black interior. White man, about 215 pounds, shoulder length brown hair. Once girls get into the passenger seat to do the date he hits them over the head with a brick, knocks them out and rapes them. Has put at least one girl in the hospital. Louisiana and Central area. 5/29/20

  • Newer Black Dodge SUV possibly a Durango. A group of young white men drive through the War Zone every night around 7 pm shooting a .22 at people walking along Central Ave between Louisiana and Wyoming Blvds. We know of 6 people who have gotten hurt. 5/22/20

  • Silver car with black rims. Old white man. Rapes women who do dates. Louisiana and Central. 5/28/20

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Short, skinny Black guy in his 30s, short hair, clean shaven. Pushes a shopping cart but is looks too clean to be homeless. His name is something like “George” or “Greg.” He used the cart to push his way into girl’s hotel on Eubank and I-40. Raped her. 5/1/20

  • White Malibu and red pickup truck. Man is 5-feet 11-inches to 6 feet tall. He carries two guns and a knife. Assaulted two women. Report received May 1, 2020 from First Nations.

  • Silver four-door that makes a weird noise. Black, stocky guy who wears a beanie. Tried to rob girl at knife point at night. By fire department on Chico and Dallas. 3/25/20

  • Burgundy SUV/Van. White man, big belly, bald, wears a cap. Won’t give money before a date. When one girl refused to do date until she got paid, he followed her and tried to run her over. 3/20/20

  • 4-door newer silver car. Spanish, chunky, dark-skinned, goatee. Does the date but then drive to someplace faraway and says, “I will leave you here unless you give me the money back.” 3/20/20

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Dark-skinned man whose first name may start with “Rof.” Tall, about 6 feet 2 inches. Slim. Blinks a lot. Veteran. Dresses nice. Frequents areas in the Heights and War Zone. If you act nice to him, he will take that as “yes, you want him.” He will follow you and try to attack you, especially when you are trying to sleep. Louisiana and Wyoming. 2/14/20

  • Newer black SUV with tinted windows and black New Mexico license plate starting with “PNP.” Was 5 ft 6 inches tall, average build, 25-30 years old, short brown hair and goatee, called himself “Joel,” had accent, maybe Spanish. Had young baby about 3 months old in backseat. Pulled out gun and forced girl to do oral on him. 6 am. Central and Louisiana 2/7/20

  • Man with dark complexation, walks with limp. Woman was asleep near Louisiana by the casino when he got on top of her and raped her. Has raped multiple people. 1/24/20

  • SERIAL RAPIST; USES MULTIPLE CARS: Blue GMC Jimmy/4-runner, license plate starts with “622,” but used to drive White F-250 dual cab truck. Chicano man, looks part Native or Asian, 24-25, medium build. Has gun and beats girls. First attack was in 2018. Newest attack on 11/20/19. Last seen 1/3/20

Sample BGL flyers from 2020

MAY 22, 2020
BGL 5.22.20 front page.jpg
BGL 5.22.20 back page.jpg
NOVEMBER 27, 2020
BGL 11.27.20 front page.jpg
BGL 11.27.20 back page.jpg
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