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  • SERIAL RAPIST IN WAR ZONE AND WESTSIDE: Gray/silver four-door car, either a Chevy or an older Hyundai Sonata, with tinted windows and stereo that lights up bright blue; looks like an undercover cop car. Black man, 6-feet, 3-inches tall, tight, short curly hair and glasses, about 35-40 years old. Carries a police baton. Raping girls at gunpoint. And takes video recording of it. During Westside attack, he took girl to empty field and pointed gun at her head. Made her perform oral sex. Utah and Central on 11/10/17; 60th St and Central 3:40 am. on 10/17/17 Central and California. 10 pm. 6/25/17 and 11 pm on 8/17/17

  • Silver van with broken window on back passenger side. Professional looking man with black/gray hair, goes after young looking girls, offers $5 for date then robs girl. Central and Louisiana. 11 am12/28/17

  • White four-door car, Black man who picks at his face, drove past place where girl told him to stop and took out a gun. Said, “A bullet can travel faster than you can run.” Louisiana and Central. 12/8/17

  • Old Silver Ford Focus, Cuban Rasta man with dreadlocks, looks black, has machete, and baton, hits women as they are walking by or in front of car. He stays at the Motel 6 near Tramway. 12/5/17

  • Silver van, Chicano driver, nerdy, tall, has gun, rapes. Central and Wyoming 12/1/17

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Hispanic man living near 7901 Marquette Ave and the Mesa Verde Center is stealing from women, all their bags and IDs. 12/1/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Black men in their 30-40s on foot near Circle K at San Mateo and Central, chasing high-school girls, happened multiple times in the afternoon. 11/30/17

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Four-door car could be light silver or greenish/dark green; White man 50-60 years old; salt and pepper hair, white goatee and mustache. Either 5-feet 6-inches tall or 6 feet tall. Will take girls out of War Zone for date then kidnap them before raping them. In one attack, threw girl out of car naked near Copper and Tramway. In another attack, he maced her, stole her money and her shoes. Central and Louisiana. 11/17/17 Louisiana and Central. 10/20/17

  • Red truck, with a Chevy S-10 or Ford Ranger; Hispanic man, said his name was “Pisa,” Spanish-speaking only, thin build, mustache, black hair, wearing ball cap, 5-feet, 7-inches tall, “grungy” looking, kidnapped girl to the south Valley. Forced her to do anal sex. Eubank and Central. 11/17/17

  • Silver Chrysler 300, black man, looks like rapper Kevin Gates, with tattoo of a cross between his eyebrows and 2 teardrops under his left eye. First name might be Jonathan. Starts to do date then takes out glock from next to driver’s seat, cocks it and says, “bullets can run faster than you.” 9 pm Louisiana and Central. 11/30/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Mexican man about 20 years old, 5-feet, six inches tall. Wearing a hoodie with “Brown Pride” on the front, living at camp across the street from Mesa Verde Community Center. As girl was passing by, he told her to take her pants down. When she wouldn’t, he took out a big can of pepper spray and sprayed her. 3 am. Pennsylvania and Marquette. 11/5/17

  • Light silver to greenish 4-door car. White man 50-60 years old with goatee, about 5-feet 6-inches tall. Really strong. Kidnapped girl then threw her out of car naked near Copper and Tramway. Louisiana and Central. 10/2017

  • Blue SUV with license plate that starts with “790;” old man with mole on his lip. Says he’s a Navy seal. Wants to do weird stuff and is really aggressive. Louisiana and Central. 10/2017

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Old white man staying in the Pioneer motel; will invite you in then rob you. Central and San Pablo. 10/20/17

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Tire shop near Central and Texas. Workers hit woman on head and when she woke up they were attacking her and laughing. Hispanic men in their 30s. Early afternoon. 10/15/17

  • Old white Crown Victoria, two Mexican men, late 30s, fixed car so it has no handles and you can’t get back out. Late at night. 10/15/17

  • USES SEVERAL CARS: White, four-door, old Chevy Impala and tan Lincoln Navigator, group of skinny black guys in dark clothes hitting girls in cars.

  • Motorcycle with Christmas lights on it, black man with dreadlocks, 5 feet 10 inches tall, muscles, tank top. Kept grabbing woman from behind as she walked. Put a knife to her throat, threatened to kill her. 9 pm Tramway and Copper. 9/1/17

  • Four-door car; Black guy with machete. Is always driving around from 12-4 am, near intersection of Louisiana and Central. 9/22/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Young black man named “Cameron,” about 23 years old, says he will give meth in exchange for a date but rapes and beats girls as soon as they are alone. Louisiana and Central. 9/11/17

  • White van, Driver is Cuban and carries torture equipment in the back, like surgical tools, including a rib spreader. Louisiana and Central. 9/15/17.

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Black man, drug dealer named “Ruben,” 5-feet, 8-inches tall; lives near Tennessee and Copper. Beat up a girl, hit her in the head with a gun while she was at a bus stop. 9/7/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK; MULTIPLE ATTACKS: Tall, skinny black man, light complexion, goes by the name “Woody”; Says he’s there to check on the girls and protect them, but after gaining their trust, beats them up with a baseball bat and robs them. On Central between Louisiana and San Mateo. 9/15/17

  • Silver older-model Toyota Camry with messed up paint; Black-Cuban man on Spice, picks up girls for date but is crazy and violent. Midnight. San Pedro and Trumbull. 9/1/17

  • White, old 4-door old Lincoln or Impala with chrome rims; African-American man, afro, old, tall, skinny with a limp, forcing women into the car and pulling a gun on them. Leaves women hurt and bloody. Louisiana and Central 3:30 am. 8/28/17

  • Charcoal gray Silverado 2-door pickup; driver is tall white man with long black and white beard, about 35 years old. Wyoming and Central 12 am. 8/15/17

  • SERIAL RAPIST: White truck with cracked windshield on passenger side, 4-door, tinted windows; truck is either a GMC or Ford F-150. Man is an “Arab-looking” chicano, goatee, tattoos on arms, late 40s, brown hair, shoulder length, wavy, pulled back in ponytail, and goatee, between 5-feet 9 inches and 6 feet tall, regular build, sometimes wears ball cap and glasses. In one attack, he held girl all night long in his truck. In another attack, he grabbed girl by windpipe to force her to perform oral sex. She fought back and broke windshield. He is out most nights. Central and California. 10 pm. 6/25/17 and 11 pm on 8/17/17

  • Silver Nissan 4-door; fat Black man who looked like Buddha. Pulled a gun on girl. 2 am. Louisiana and Central, 8/12/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: African-American male with a machete harassing and following women on the Lomas Blvd bus (route 11); he is in his 30’s, about 5’11”, 170 pounds, black T-shirt, camouflage shorts, white high-top tennis shoes, white baseball hat on backwards. Has been spotted several times near UNM hospital, and Lomas bus route. Lomas and Girard. 2 pm 8/16/17

  • White truck, rigged so passenger door won’t open; Asian man, mid-30s, 5-feet 7-inches tall, 150 pounds, brown hair and eyes. Kidnapped girl, told her he was going to kill her. Told her “Don’t fight. You’ll make it worse, but you will die tonight.” Told her he was taking her to West Mesa. She was able to escape. Louisiana and Central. 1 am. 8/2/17

  • Midnight Blue SUV with tape on back window and green/blue BMW, working together to kidnap girls; drivers are Chicano. They will circle you until one pulls up quick and a passenger gets out to grab you. Louisiana and Central. 1 am. 8/3/17

  • Silver Chrysler 300; Good-looking Mexican man, 26-30 years old, started to take her out of War Zone and wouldn’t pull over then took out a gun. 9 pm Wyoming and Central 7/17/17

  • Silver Toyota 4-runner, 4-door; nicknamed “Money Mike,” fat Mexican man 6-feet tall with a buzz cut. Met girl at Wal-Mart on Academy and offered a ride then robbed her. 7/15/17

  • White GMC truck, cracked windshield on passenger side. Man is chicano, late 40s, dark hair and goatee, about 6 feet tall, regular build, wears ball cap. Grabbed girl by windpipe to force her to perform oral sex. She fought back and broke windshield. He is out most nights. Central and California. 10 pm. 6/25/17

  • Silver 4-door car with out-of-state plates; two men, Hispanic or white, followed girl, made multiple U-turns and then the passenger jumped out and tried to pull her into the car. Utah and Central 3 a.m. 5/31/17

  • Royal blue 2-door Honda, Native man, 5-feet-8-inches tall, 210 pounds, tried to pull girl into the car. 8 pm. 6/1/17

  • White semi-truck near Luxury Inn parked on Cochiti. Possibly part of gang that reportedly came to New Mexico looking for women to kidnap and bring to Mexico. Gang is out looking for women from midnight to sunrise. 5/8/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Native man, 5-feet 7-inches tall, is following girls and then trying to break into their hotel rooms to rape them. Happened several times to different girls staying at Bow and Arrow. Central and Utah. 5/5/17

  • White Yaris, 4-door. Old white man with gray hair and glasses, will follow girls and yell at them, “Get in the f***ing car right now.” Drives around from 3-5 am. 3/30/17 Central and Wyoming

  • Double cab truck with shattered back window. Man is Hispanic, short, fat with a mustache. Says he wants to do meth. Will jump over the seat to attack girl. 5 am. Louisiana and Central. 3/31/17

  • Black and gray old Ford Taurus, inside there is a jumper cable coming through the AC and passenger door handle is broken off so you are locked in. Man in his late 50s, gray hair, mustache and beard, heavyset. Attacks girls in daytime. 3/7/17

  • Blue Ford with grey stripe; Hispanic man, 50-60s, 5-feet, 7 inches tall, thin mustache and goatee, spoke Spanish and English, raped girl at gunpoint a year ago. Picked her up on Zuni and Florida. She saw him back out looking for dates on 3/7/17.

  • Dark purple SUV with “flat” paint; Man with gray hair and beard with indent of cowboy hat visible on his head; not wearing pants, only cowboy boots and shirt. Tried to kidnap girl to the mountains. 2:30 am. Central and Eubank. 3/12/17

  • Blue Malibu; black man, tall, in his 30s. Tried to stab girl. Central and Louisiana. 3/11/17

  • Silver Prius; black man, about 5-feet, 9-inches, Acts like he wants to do a date but then beats you up and rapes you. 11pm Central and Louisiana 3/2/17

  • Red 4-door newish hatchback with tinted windows; fat black man, about 6 feet tall; attacked and tried to run over girl. Central and Louisiana. 3/1/17

  • Black Ford Fusion without license plate; white man in his 40s wearing scrubs and following a Highland High School student from the Smiths on Yale and Coal near UNM all the way to school near San Mateo and Zuni. Police found lube, Viagra and drugs in his car. 3/10/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: White man who calls himself “Wolf,” about 5 ft 10 inches, late 40's, has salt and pepper hair attacks girls who do dates with a hammer and then rapes them. 3/3/17

  • Old white Chevy van with statues of saints on his dashboard and blue stripe along the bottom; Heavyset white man with shoulder length thick brown hair; says he uses a Taser on girl then tortures and kills her; does this every two years. Louisiana and Central 2/28/17

  • Older blue/silver Saturn 4-door; fat Chicano man. Is nice at first then pulls out butcher knife and rapes. Will try to run girl over after she gets out. Española and Central 11 pm 2/24/17

  • Silver SUV, no license plates, with a used tire in the back. White, mid 40s, with brown eyes and short brown hair, wears glasses and a baseball cap and is clean shaven. Wouldn't let girl out of the car. 2/14/17

  • Black and orange new mustang; black man, dreadlocks, 6-feet tall, picks up girls so he can rob them, may be in area selling perfume. Wyoming and Central 12/16/19

  • Beat up purple minivan, busted out back window on driver’s side; white guy with a dog, possibly a pitbull. Will say he wants to party and does dates. Freaks out, beats you up. 2/14/17

  • Dark gray or dark green Blazer; Hispanic looking guy wearing a jean jacket and Levi’s. Held a knife to her throat while he attacked her. Wyoming and Central 2/3/17.

  • Black SUV with black rims and heavily tinted windows; Native man with glasses and a buzz cut. Will try to kidnap girls. Always around between 1 and 5 am. Wyoming and Central 2/3/17.

  • Gold Durango; Young Chicano guy, good looking, Has a box cutter. 11 pm. Wyoming and Central 2/3/17.

  • Two-door gray Jeep with black trim; four black men, mid-20s, one had dreadlocks, drove past women threatening to attack, hurt them. Really scary and aggressive. California and Cochiti. 1/26/17

  • Newer gray Sentra, white man, mid 50s, asked girl if she want to model for him. 11 am. Louisiana and Bell. 1/18/17

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Two Hispanic guys, not from neighborhood, one short, one tall. Met girl at Circle K on Pennsylvania, offered to buy alcohol. They walked off together to started to share a drink, but raped her. 7 pm. Pennsylvania and Central 1/13/17

  • Blue cougar with tinted windows, Hispanic man, 40-50 years old, white hair, clean cut, will do date then try to kidnap you, won’t let you leave. Threatens to kill you. Louisiana and Central. 5 pm. 1/1/17

Sample BGL flyers from 2017

MAY 19, 2017
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BGL 5.19.17 page 2.jpg
NOVEMBER 3, 2017
BGL 11.3.17 front page.jpg
BGL 11.3.17 back page.jpg
DECEMBER 8, 2017
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