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  • MULTIPLE REPORTS: Newer sparkly blue Dodge single-cab truck, Young native man around 20, skinny, 5-feet, 7-inches tall, dressed preppy, drunk and high. Targeting girls who do dates. Most recently seen at Trumbull Park. He pretends to fight with girlfriend as he walks next to truck and she drives. As girl goes by, he attacks. In the past, he would blitz attack from behind, hitting the girl hard in the back of the head with a rock, then attacking her. He attacks early morning — around 3 a.m. — when girl is alone. First attack: Western Skies and Central, at the Circle K. 3 a.m. 4/20/16 Second attack: Wyoming and Central, 3 am 4/21/16. Third attack: Louisiana and Central, 2 am 6/2/16 Fourth attack: Trumbull Park 2 am 12/23/16

  • USES MULTIPLE CARS; Single-cab tan Ford truck with really loud muffler and double-cab gray Silverado truck, two men both Hispanic, one 45 years old with a gold tooth, other around 35 years old, bald with spiked bangs. Drive around separately but work together stalking girls and trying to be their pimp. Western Skies area. 1 a.m. 12/22/16

  • Black and orange new mustang; black man, dreadlocks, 6-feet tall, picks up girls so he can rob them, may be in area selling perfume. Wyoming and Central 12/16/19

  • Gray sedan with Dallas Cowboys sticker on back; half-black man picks up girl for date but pulls out kitchen knife and rapes. Wisconsin and Marquette. 12/6/16

  • Black truck, single cab, with black and white camper; tries to run over girls, going over curbs, said he ran over girls on the Westside. 2 am. Louisiana and Central 12/9/16

  • Blue PT cruiser about five years old; black man with rough beard, light skin, 5-fee, 6-inches tall, punched girl in face and attacked her. Central and Louisiana. 12/14/16

  • Dark blue 4x4 with white camper shell, white old man with long stringy hair, attacked girl. 12:30 am. Louisiana and Central. 12/15/16

  • Black Dodge Ram, double cab, Hispanic, late 30s clean cut, fade-out hair. Took girl up the hill to Central and pulled out a gun. 11:30 pm. 60th and Central. 11/17/16

  • White Cougar, older model, Man was half black, half Hispanic, curly hair, 30- 40s, he grabbed the girl off the street, covered her mouth, threw her in the car and raped her. 12:30 am. Central and 64th. 11/30/16

  • Red jeep with blue lights. Driver was Hispanic and middle eastern, about 36 years old. Tried to kidnap girl onto Kirtland Air Force Base. Wyoming and Central 11/18/16

  • Black and silver dirt bike with hard saddle bags in back. Tall white man with black, short-copped hair and a goatee, about 6 feet, 3 inches tall, gets really aggressive with girls on dates. 12 am. Circle K on Pennsylvania.10/21/16

  • Old gray 4-door car, Man is biracial, possibly half black and half white, about 28 years old, overweight, wears a bandana on his head. Picks up girl for date, but takes out a crowbar to threaten her. Central and Louisiana. 1: 30 am. 09/30/16

  • Crown Victoria, like an old police car, top painted white, sides painted black, black man, 20-30 years old, with shoulder length braids, 4-month-old baby in a car seat in the back. Pulled out a gun and raped girl. 10 pm. Valencia and Central Attack was last year but was last seen on Central 7/15/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Young white guy on silver BMX bike. Girl was sitting in front of Caravan when he attacked, Robbed and raped girl. Central and Grove. 9/23/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Tall­­ man, possibly half-black, wearing basketball shorts and carrying a backpack, pulled gun and robbed girl. 2 am Central and Louisiana. 8/1/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS; ON FOOT ATTACK: Group of three young, black and Hispanic men wearing all black are attacking girls with guns and robbing them. They target women walking alone around 1-2 am. One male will walk toward the victim, while the other men hide nearby. They have also targeted girls when they get out of a car after a date. The men are 18 years old or under. One is 6 feet tall and the other are 5-feet 9-inches tall. One is lighter skinner than the others and one wears a bandana over his face. Previous attacks at 1:30 am. Louisiana and Central 8/19/15. Most recent attack was at Zuni and Chama. 1 am 9/9/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS; Use different color 4-door Cadillacs, in silver, gold and blue — Group of black men grabbing them off the street, holding them for several days then forcing them to do dates. They follow the same pattern each time: One of the men, on foot, will stop to speak with a girl on the street. Once there is no one around, a car will pull up and the man on the street — with the help of the men in the car — will pull the woman inside. All times of the day. Central and Wyoming 09/09/16.

  • Dark black car with silver door; Heavyset dark-skinned Native man shows you the money for the date, but when you park, he pulls out a butcher knife and rapes anally. 1 am. Central and Wyoming 9/9/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS; USES MULTIPLE CARS; Small red pickup truck and two-door Monte Carlo painted with black primer, half Hispanic, half Native man, 35-40 years old, mole on left cheek. In most recent attack, girl got into car and he had rag between his legs like he was going to chloroform her. Happened 3 am Louisiana and Central. In previous attacks, he was wearing a red airport worker’s shirt. He brought girl to alley to do date, but told her to get out of the car, turn her back to him and pull down her pants. She got out and noticed him getting out of the car with a rag, like it had chloroform on it and he was going to drug her. 11 pm San Mateo and Central. 5/15/16 Most recent attack was 9/2/16

  • White minivan, young Native/Hispanic man 5-feet, 7-inches tall, will get out of his car with a gun and chase girls. Most often seen near the corner of Texas and Chico. 09/16/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS: Gray 4-door sedan with a busted out back window. Chicano man with a mustache. Takes our knife and kidnaps girls to the mountains 09/16/16. Louisiana and Central.

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Three men beat Irvin Sanchez, 66, to death. Men are Hispanic and in their teens or early 20s. They were dressed in all-black, each with black backpacks. One was wearing a red shirt. Kathryn and San Mateo. 2 a.m. 8/10/16

  • Silver four-door sedan. White man, clean cut, short, 5 feet, 4-inches tall, 26 years old. Drunk. Called himself "Leonard." Said he lived with his grandpa. Gave girl a ride then started attacking her, trying to poke out her eye, punched her head. Was driving crazy and running red lights. She was able to jump out but he tried to run her over. Picked her up at Carlisle and Central 2 a.m. 8/12/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: A man and woman who live in the area are attacking girls and robbing them. 7/29/16

  • Gray, older Chevy Blazer. Young Hispanic man, cute, aged 22-23, clean cut. Tries to act inexperienced and says he wants to make you his girlfriend, then pulls out a gun and rapes anally. Parked at Warren Inn on Louisiana and Lomas. 1 am. Louisiana and Central 6/30/16

  • Charcoal Gray extended-cab truck with a black interior. Man has darker skin and is short and fat, about 5'5 and 200 pounds. He seemed like was from India, possibly Middle Eastern or Islamic. He may use the name “Jose.” Met girl at the Downs and took her to the Sandia Casino. When girl said she didn’t want to do a date, he punched her several times and burned her face with a lighter. She jumped from the vehicle and was found ­­on the side of the road. Louisiana and Central 6/27/16

  • Four-door dark-blue SUV with chrome hubcaps with turquoise New Mexico license plate. Heavyset Hispanic/Native man, about 5-feet 9-inches tall, punched girl, forcibly pulled her into his car against her will. Unknown what happened to girl. Trumbull and Louisiana. 6 pm 6/22/16

  • Chevy 4-door truck, newer, gray/blue with tinted windows. Every night follows girls who work near Menaul and University. Won’t roll windows all the way down. Only lets you see his eyes. Is out every night abound 11 pm. Menaul and University 7/7/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK, FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Man named Juan is punching girls at night and stealing their stuff. Central and Louisiana. 7/1/13

  • Bronze BMW SUV; white man in his 40s; heavyset, short brown/sandy hair. Girl got in to do date and realized he was drunk. He got aggressive and started beating her. 2 am. Central and Louisiana. 6/20/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Hispanic man, 5-feet 4-inches tall, goatee and mustache, thick, short hair. Girl was walking down the street when a man, who had been sitting on the curb, started following her. He attacked her — bit her face and crushed her windpipe. 11 pm. Kentucky and Bell. 6/19/15

  • Tan car, three Native men and a woman, attacked a girl at the car wash on Rhode Island and Zuni. Possibly the same group that drives a blue truck that’s been attacking women (see listing below). 6/10/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK, MULTIPLE REPORTS: Young native man around 20, skinny, 5-feet, 7-inches tall, dressed preppy, drunk and high. Targeting girls who do dates. He blitz attacks from behind, hitting the girl hard in the back of the head with a rock, then attacking her. One time he tried to rob the girl. He attacks early morning — around 3 a.m. — when girl is alone. He was seen getting into a newer sparkly blue Dodge single-cab truck with a woman driver and a white male passenger. First attack: Western Skies and Central, at the Circle K. 3 a.m. 4/20/16 Second attack: Wyoming and Central. 3 a.m. 4/21/16. Third attack Louisiana and Central. 6/2/16

  • BACKPAGE; FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Hispanic man, 38, after Backpage date, he started stalking girl on his bike and in a white van. Follows her and yells after her. Is really aggressive and creepy. Lives on Texas. 6/9/16

  • Blue/gray Dodge Avenger, license plate starts with “514”; dark-skinned black man, skinny, with a brown tooth in front and goatee, about 5-feet 8-inches tall. Rapes girls. Wyoming and Central. 5/30/16

  • Gold SUV, stolen, Hispanic man, about 24 years old, named Andrew or Adrian, pulled out a 0.22 gun and forced her to preform oral sex. Let her go near Moon and Central. 6/2/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS: Blue Dodge Dakota truck, 4-door; Mexican man, short, 5-feet 4-inches tall; with a gap in his front teeth; attacked girl during date; 2 pm; Wyoming and Central 9/23/15. Louisiana and Central 6/2/16

  • Black on black SUV driven by man wearing a ski mask. Man was in all black clothes, medium build, 5-feet, 9-inches tall, chunky. Pulled up next to girl near, got out and tried to pull her inside. He “looks and acts like a cop.” His car and his behavior match the description of a man who tried to pull a girl into car on Gibson Blvd last month. In that case, he did not wear a mask. He was white, with short, close cut brown hair with very short sides. 11 pm. Louisiana and Central. 5/26/16

  • White station wagon, driven by Chicano man, dressed professionally. When you get close to the car you can see he has exposed himself. He yells that he is willing to pay girls to shoot a porno. He is always followed by a white van. He is out all times of the day and night, often on Charleston. 5/27/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS: Two-door Monte Carlo painted with black primer, half Hispanic, half Native man, 35-40 years old, mole on left cheek, wearing a red airport shirt. Brought girl to alley to do date, but told her to get out of the car, turn her back to him and pull down her pants. She got out and noticed him getting out of the car with a rag, like it had chloroform on it and he was going to drug her. 11 pm San Mateo and Central. 5/15/16

  • New red pickup truck, medium sized with 4 doors with veteran’s license plate, Hispanic man, 40-50 years old, medium build, black, short hair, mustache, met girl and wanted to party, but when they got back to his place, he kept trying to fix her dose for her and wouldn’t let her dose herself. He kept following her around with a syringe full of clear liquid that was not dope. Girl was able to escape. Lives in upstairs apartment near Central and San Mateo. 5/26/16

  • MULTIPLE REPORTS; FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Black male, in his early 20s, tattoo next to his eye of crescent moon and star, harasses girls looking for “Monique” says they owe him money, is very threatening. Wyoming and Central. 9/21/15. Newest report 5/27/16

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Silver small SUV, possibly a Scion. Chicano man, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 25 years old, dark-brown hair spiky, and dark brown eyes, tribal tattoos in his mid-30s. Might be named “Dominic.” In the past he drove a Gold Cadillac Coupe Deville 1996 4-door with child seat in the back behind the driver’s seat. Also has driven Burgundy 4-door Taurus; with a child seat in the back. In most recent attack, he reached behind the seat as if to get his wallet and then punched woman in the head 5 times and raped her. In the past, he has used a gun. He hunts for victims near Louisiana and Central as well as near Coors and Central. He usually attacks mid-afternoon on weekdays, however he has been known to attack later at night as well. First report was 7/3/13; since then there have been at least ten more reports. The most recent was 4 pm on 1/28/15, after which he was jailed, but was recently released. Spotted Central and Louisiana area on 5/19/16.

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Black or Navy Blue Ford Escape, Black man, 35 years old, really skinny, despite previous reports doesn’t look like the rapper Akon. Is from Memphis, Tennessee. Pretends he wants to party and is very nice, then changes and sucker punches girl. Tasers you in the car and beats you up. ­Tries to run you over. 9/9/14. Central and Utah.1:30 pm. 10/12/15­

  • Silver Acura, young black man, bald. After the date, he starts to drive away before you are totally out of the car. Robs you. Central and Wyoming. 5/13/16

  • Silver truck with plastic pallets in the back, cross hanging from the mirror, Hispanic male late 40s, goatee, Following girls at all hour of day and night and generally being creepy. Multiple sightings. University and Menual. 5/13/16

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Light-skinned black man in his late 20s, 5-feet, 10-inches tall, skinny, wearing all black — black baggy pants, black tennis shoes, black hoodie, black backpack. Met girl while he was ­walking in neighborhood. During date he started choking her. Louisiana and Central. 1 a.m. 4/20/16

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Cream-colored Chrysler 300, Black man named “Spicy Mike” with a stud in his cheek, longish salt and pepper hair, brushed back, dark complexion, about 6 feet tall in his 50s. Is trying to pimp girls. Beat one woman for an hour with his belt. In the past, he offered women rides and then raped them. Hunted women at local homeless shelters and clinics. Most recent attack was 04/01/16 at 5 p.m. near Central and Louisiana. Previous reports from 8/20/14, 12/20/

  • White BMW-like car, 4-door, Hispanic, mid-20s, thin, 5-feet-6 inches tall, tattoos on arm, dresses sporty. As soon as you get in the car, he puts his hands down your shirt, pants. When you tell him to back off, he calls you names, tries to hit you, threatens to shoot. Girl was able to get out of car, but he got out and chased her down. Central and Wyoming. 11/05/15 and 02/29/16

  • SERIAL RAPIST; USES MULTIPLE CARS: Dark-blue double-cab truck and silver bullet car, driver is “little Mexican dude” with slicked back hair who pulls out a knife. Central and Louisiana 3/14/16

  • Single-cab pickup with tinted windows, Native man with short hair who looks “gangsta” does the date and then robs the girl. Central and Wyoming. 3/28/16

  • Dark gray 2013 Jeep Cherokee with teal N.M. license plate, tinted windows, mixed race man with slicked back black hair, acne scars on face, 5-feet, 5-inches to 5-feet, 8-inches tall. Went to road in industrial area on Eubank. Acted like he was going to pay but pulled a gun, which he held the whole time. Raped girl. Took her mace and knife. Tennessee and Central. 6 am. 02/18/16

  • Silver four-door Honda or Hyundai, Chicano male, light skinned with short hair; took girl by military base and raped her twice; Rhode Island/Military base area, 01/15/16

  • Silver car with black tinted windows; Skinny male, late 20s; hit girl because she wouldn’t go with him. San Mateo/Central, 10 am. 01/18/16

  • ARRESTED: WANTED FOR CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: Stephon McDaniel is wanted for selling children for sex. If you see him, you can call 911 or, if you don’t want the cops involved, you can text Street Safe anonymously at (505) 280-0085.

  • SERIAL RAPIST FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Fat black male, lives on Charleston, drugs women and rapes them. 01/2016 and 08/05/15

  • Dark blue 4-door Ford Focus with a “baby on board” sign, mid 20s, dark man with medium length curly dark hair. Pistol whipped and raped a girl. 01/2016

  • SERIAL RAPIST: An Alaska man who allegedly claimed to be a police officer and demanded money from girls who do dates has relocated to ABQ while out on bail. Jase Connors (aka Dave Campbell) is white, 27 years old, with blonde hair in a crewcut.

Sample BGL flyers from 2016

JANUARY 15, 2016
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MAY 24, 2016
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OCTOBER 21, 2016
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DECEMBER 9, 2016
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