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  • Two-toned brown F-150 Ford King cab with a tan stripe; white man with long black and gray shoulder-length hair and a full beard; picked girl up near Caravan, attacked and threatened her; Central and Dallas; 7 pm; 11/18/15

  • Green mustang; girl was doing date and chiva dealer tried to pull her out of the car saying, “I’ll pay you double what he’s paying.” 3 pm San Pedro and Central. 10/29/15

  • Red four-door Lexus, Cuban, bald 50s, 6 feet tall, medium complexion. Met girl at Downs casino, took out a knife, kidnapped her. She was able to get away by threatening to pee on the tan leather interior. 11pm. Central and Louisiana, 10/22/15

  • Bright Red four-door pickup truck and blue Neon; two white guys will jump out of the car, grab and girl and tell her to give them all her money or they will rape her. 7 pm, Pennsylvania and Chico; 10/21/15

  • Gray Jeep, White/Hispanic, 20 year old, chubby, short hair. As he is dropping you off after a date, he says “I think you dropped something,” then hits you and tries to push you out of car so he can keep your purse and rob you. Central and Wyoming. 9 pm. 10/10/15

  • SERIAL RAPIST; USES MULTIPLE CARS: Gold Chevy Trailblazer SUV; Green Jeep SUV; Blue Mazda four door; Blue pickup truck; White work van; Trailblazer with carseat in the back and license plate covered in dark plastic, driver is Black man in his 30s-40s with sideburns that come down his jaw and meet up with his beard (like example above). Every girl he has raped says he acts nice at first but then pulls out a gun or a crowbar. Says he has many different cars he uses to rape girls. Wyoming and Central. 5pm on 6/7/15; 11 am on 5/22/15; 4 am on 3/29/14

  • White Grand Am with a dented front end and only three hubcaps; black man, mid 30s; offers food stamps for a date, when girl refuses he will start touching her anyway, when she tells him no he starts yelling and getting aggressive, saying things like, “bitch you ain’t going nowhere,” starts hitting. Later, if he sees the girl on the street he starts yelling at her, “Did you steal my gun?” Central and Wyoming. 10/15/15

  • Black or Navy Blue Ford Escape, Black man, 35 years old, really skinny, looks exactly like the rapper Akon. Tasers you in the car and beats you up. Central and Utah. 1:30 pm. 10/12/15

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: African American man, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, mid 30s, dark complexion, when you get close you can see a tattoo of a planet on his forehead, stalks girls, most recently at St. Martin’s. 10/13/15

  • Green Dodge pickup truck, extended cab, dark windows with veteran’s sticker in back window; Hispanic man in his late 50s, wears an LA hat, rapes girls. Wyoming and Central. 10/2/15

  • BACKPAGE: East Indian/Middle Eastern man; short; dark complexion, Arabic accent, black hair, eyes, athletic build, scruffy, phone number (505) 485-93XX. Offers $160 for date. Had girl meet him at apartment at 1401 Pennsylvania. Attacked her, kidnapped. 9/27/15

  • Blue Dodge Dakota truck, 4-door; Mexican man, short, 5 feet four inches tall; with a gap in his front teeth; attacked girl during date; 2 pm; Wyoming and Central 9/23/15

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Black male, in his early 20s, tattoo next to his eye of crescent moon and star, harasses girls, says they owe him money, is very threatening, Wyoming and Central. 9/21/15

  • Silver four-door Dodge Durango; Hispanic, early 20s, right forearm has “Duke City Boy” tattoo with picture of the Duke. Pulls out a gun if girl refuses to have vaginal sex. Was very rough. Wyoming and Central. 9/17/15

  • White four-door Grand AM; Hispanic, mid-30s, cobweb tattoo, During date, he slipped off condom without telling her, kicked her out of car. Central and Wyoming. 7pm  9/16/15

  • White Toyota sedan, white guy with red hair, balding, copper ring on left ring finger and big cross around his neck, 6 feet tall, shows an ID and says he is a cop and is allowed to touch the girls. Central and Louisiana, 7 am, 9/10/15

  • Silver Toyota, 3 blacks guys picked up girl and raped her. 9/9/15

  • Red Toyota truck; Hispanic 20 year old, green eyes, short black hair big, bushy eyebrows and thin mustache, both ears pierced with piercing under his lip. He picks his own spot to do date near Eubank and Central. Is super aggressive, nasty, cocky. Ripped girl’s shirt, grabbed her hair. Forced her to do anal and told her “don’t look at me.” Threw her out of car and left her. Picked her up at Central and Wyoming. 1 am. 9/5/15

  • Gold double-cab Chevy Silverado with tinted windows, two white men with New York accents; one man hid in backseat, attacked girl when she got in. On Central in front of the Caravan. 10:30 pm 8/30/15

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Black mustang with gray stripes, black man, bald, 30-40 years old, wheelchair in back but it new so he probably doesn’t use it. Also pretends to stutter. Offered girl $7 for a date. The most recent attack, was 8/21/15. When she refused, he punched her. Central and Louisiana 12/6/14. On 10/16/14, he pulled gun on transgender girl. Texas and Central. He is possibly same man who drives a Black Dodge Charger. That driver also described as bald black man. He was following young girls aged 10-12 in the neighborhood near Tennessee and Central and exposing himself. 10/24/14.

  • White Sierra truck with camouflage, curly hair and bearded mad in hat and mustache, Hispanic, claims to be a cop. Also claims he has a walkie-talkie. Pick up was at Valencia and Central and drove to the Luxury Inn. Touched a girl inappropriately on, 6 pm. 8/13/15

  • White work truck with yellow “Pro” sticker on side. Half black, chubby, mid 30s. Attacked a girl at 1pm at Louisiana and Central; 8/20/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Young Hispanic man, in early 20s, backward baseball cap, girl was in alley off of Central was guy blitz attacked her, beat her and raped her. He and his friend ride their bikes around the area and grab girls’ butts and breasts. 11:30 pm 8/19/15

  • Extended cab white pick-up truck; overweight Hispanic man with acne scars on face and crew cut driving an extended cab white pick-up truck. When girl was getting out of his truck, he purposely punched on the gas causing the girl to fall out of the truck and hurt her shoulder and side. On Central Ave. between Florida and Indiana. 8/15/15

  • Silver 4-door Corolla; Bald, black driver with light complexion. He called two girls over to his car and then called them “whores” before throwing some type of acid at them. The girls’ arms got burned. 2 pm. Louisiana and Central. 8/5/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK; FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Black male, in his mid-60s, lives on Charleston, pretends he has trouble walking but can walk, puts drug in girl’s drink, kidnapped her, tied her up, raped her. 8/5/15

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Toyota sedan, 2 or 4 door,  with spray-painted black primer, and busted side window, Chicano “cholo” man, tattoos, skinny, around 24 years old. Different descriptions of his height and hair style. Possible mustache and big ears. Took off or disabled inside passenger door handle and made spikes out of door locks. Punches girls in the face and rapes them. In most recent attack, he was wearing a City of ABQ shirt. He grabbed the girl’s phone and threw it out the window. In another attack, he told girl, “I got you,” as if he’d been hunting her. Attack dates, starting with most recent: 7/25/15, 5 pm, on Gibson; 5/10/15, Wyoming and Central; 3/20/15, Wyoming and Central; 2/20/15,Louisiana and Central; 1/23/15, Wyoming and Central; 11/5/14, Wyoming and Central; 8/25/14,11:30 pm, Cardenas and Central.

  • Black Honda, 2 door, tinted windows, driver looked half Hispanic, half Native; crew cut, 35-40 years old; really polite at first; says he works at the airport and was wearing airport uniform; pulled car next to dumpster so couldn’t open passenger door; told girl “I’m going to beat you, rape you and cut you into pieces.” 11:30 pm. Central and San Mateo. 7/26/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: White guy with red hair, crew cut, 6 feet tall, 40 years old. Targeted trans girl.10 pm. Central and San Mateo

  • Mercury Sable with tinted windows, Hispanic driver and black passenger. Ask to do a date, when girl said no, the black man jumped out and came running after woman. Valencia and Central. 7/17/15

  • Silver SUV, Hispanic, possibly half black, bald, 5-feet 6-inches tall, drives around acting like he is looking for a date, but then jumps out of the car in a black bra and panties with a broom stick inserted anally and masturbates.  5 am. Valencia and Central. 7/12/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Two men jumping women, trying to rob them. One comes toward you on the same side of the street, while the second one comes from across the street to come up behind you. The first one is white, about 28 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, 135 pounds. Happened near Taco Bell on Central and Dorado. 5 pm. 7/3/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Native man from neighborhood with long, shoulder length hair, mid-20s, 5-feet, 11-inches tall, top teeth missing, chiseled face, square chin. As he gives girls hugs, he cops a feel and then gets creepy. Waits until girls are sleeping or out of it before raping them. Central and Wyoming. 10 pm. 7/8/15

  • White Pontiac Grand Am, four-door; driver looks mixed race with dark hair and eyes; 24 years old; offered $12 for sex, when girl said no, he punched her. Vermont and Central. 3 am. 6/1/15

  • Big, old, brown Cadillac; Hispanic, bald, late 30's, very well dressed (why she thought she could trust him), mustache, 180lbs, and had very dark skin. Woman was walking home and he offered her a ride. He immediately locked her inside the car. Out of nowhere punched her; kept threatening to snap her neck as he beat her continuously. He also attempted to strangle her to the death, but she managed to fight back.  He forced her to do oral on him. Wyoming and Central. 4 am. 5/3/15

  • FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Hispanic man; 40s; 5-feet, 10-inches tall; lots or arm tattoos; big nose. Guy is from the neighborhood and started talking with girl at Circle-K. He offered her a ride; drove her in a minivan to University Lodge. When they got there, she was drugged by another man and raped. When she woke up, the bed was covered in blood. 2 am. 5/14/15

  • Toyota 4-Runner-type vehicle with UNM license plate; Black man, bald, scorpion tattoo covering entire right cheek. Pointed a loaded gun to girl’s head and raped her. San Pablo and Central. 12-5 am. 5/4/15

  • Silver, four-door, beat-up-looking Dodge; driven by a bald man, late 20’s with dark skin, a mustache and knuckle tattoos and a blond woman in her late 20’s carrying a backpack with pink nail polish. They grabbed a CNM student Tuesday night from a CNM parking lot near the intersection of Buena Vista Dr and Coal Ave. The student was getting supplies from the trunk of her car when she was hit her on the side of her head. They pulled her into the car and assaulted her. Happened around 9 pm 5/5/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: A group of drunk guys have been hanging out in front of Grace Thrift Shop on the corner of Utah and Central. They wait for girls to get dropped off after a date and, as the girls walk by, they rob the girls of the money they just earned. 1 a.m. 4/30/15

  • Small red pickup truck; driver is Hispanic, about 50 years old, dark complexion, didn’t speak English very well. He has a knife that he will use while raping girls. Happened near California and Central around 8 am. 4/28/15

  • Gray, Ford Escort-like hatchback, older model; driver was older, 60-70 years old; gray hair; Would not stop following girl and kept circling her, even when it was clear she didn’t want to do a date; almost wrecked his car while following her. Wyoming and Central. 5:50 pm. 5/15/15

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Man on bicycle, dressed in black; followed girl for a mile or so as she walked home. He wouldn’t back off. 11 pm 5/1/15

  • Cobalt blue F-150 extended cab, 4-door, with Dallas Cowboys decal on back window and dream catcher hanging from rearview mirror; Hispanic/black driver, 300 pounds, 6 feet, 1-inches tall, has a badge and gun, says he’s a cop. Attacks and rapes girl. 1:30 am. Wyoming and Central 3/4/15. The same man was also seen in a white minivan, wearing a baseball cap near Central and Louisiana on 3/19/15, between 6-8 pm.

  • Dark gray Jeep Cherokee; driver is dark-skinned and chubby. He followed girl around as she walked and when she wouldn’t do a date, he tried to run her over. 4 am. 3/19/15

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Arrested in 2015 but released (see listing in 2016 above); Gold Cadillac Coupe Deville 1996 4-door with child seat in the back behind the driver’s seat, Driven by Chicano man, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 25 years old, dark-brown hair spiky, and dark brown eyes, tribal tattoos in his mid-30s. Might be named “Dominic.” In most recent attack, he reached behind the seat as if to get his wallet and then punched woman in the head 5 times and raped her. In the past, he has used a gun and sometimes drives a Burgundy 4-door Taurus; with a child seat in the back. He hunts for victims near Louisiana and Central as well as near Coors and Central. He usually attacks mid-afternoon on weekdays, however he has been known to attack later at night as well. First report was 7/3/13; since then there have been at least ten more reports. The most recent was 4 pm on 1/28/15

  • Maroon minivan with dark windows; driver is either Black or from India, dark skinned. Tried to kidnap girl off street near Louisiana and Central. 7:30 pm. 3/8/15

  • White work van with windows and tools in the back; driver is Spanish-speaking only; late 40s; 6-feet, 2-inches tall; husky build; dark complexion; puffy hair like Erik Estrada; gets really aggressive. San Mateo and Central. 9-10 pm. 3/15/15

  • SERIAL RAPIST: Black Toyota Tercel with busted back driver’s side window, Hispanic man, mid to late 20s, 5 feet, 5 inches tall, short, spiked hair. Took off inside door handle and made spikes out of door locks. First attack, picked up girl near Cardenas and Central around 11:30 pm on 8/25/14 and said, “I got you.”  In one attack, a man helping the woman was able to bust the side window. 11/5/14. Newest reports 1/23/15; 2/20/15

  • White Ford Focus, Hispanic man, 5-feet, 5 inches tall, slender, mustache, wore a knit cap. Offered meth. Drove girl to 98th at truckstop. Started choking her. Happened around 1 am near Central and Coors. 12/9/14

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: Hispanic man, 6-feet 2-inches tall, slender, sunken in face, bulging eyes, who walks in the War Zone. Wears 49ers jacket and hat. After a date, he claims he has HIV. Is suspected of drugging girls with soda; attacking them. Also exchanges drugs for sex. Wyoming and Central. 1/23/15

  • Ford F-150; man and woman jumped put and grabbed woman at gunpoint, raped her. Near San Mateo and Central 2/12/15

  • Black low-rider truck with primer, double cab; driver was tall Hispanic man with dorky glasses. He picked up girl near the Pioneer Motel around San Pablo and Central. 2/15/15

Sample BGL flyers from 2015

MARCH 11, 2015
BGL 3.11.15 _Page_1.jpg
BGL 3.11.15 _Page_2.jpg
APRIL 20, 2015
BGL 4.20.15 front page.jpg
JULY 17, 2015
BGL 7.17.15 front page.jpg
OCTOBER 23, 2015
BGL 10.23.15 pg1.jpg
BGL 10.23.15 pg2.jpg
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