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  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Cream-colored Chrysler 300, Black man with long-ish hair and dark complexion, about 6 feet tall in his 50s, offered several homeless women rides and then raped them. Hunts women at local homeless shelters and clinics. Car matches description of man on this list from 8/20/14. Most recent attacks happened 12/20/14

  • Gold Cadillac Escalade; driver is black with shoulder length braids; dark complexion; 5-feet, six-inches tall; average build; targets underage girls by saying he is with modeling agency; drives Lomas and Juan Tabo area; also drives around high school parking lots. Rapes girls. Happened Feb. 2013, but he was seen trying same thing in Nov. 2014

  • Maroon Oldsmobile Alero with turquoise NM license plate, two car seats in the back, white male, with crew cut, early to mid-30s, tried to grab girl off the street and also run her over. Near San Pedro and Louisiana. 11/5/14

  • Red Hyundai Accent, White/Hispanic man, knocked woman unconscious, attacked her. Man acted like he had done this many times before. Happened near Pennsylvania and Central. 10/29/14

  • Light gray minivan with tinted windows and tires without hubcaps, looked stolen, Native man with fade haircut, about 6 feet tall, with tattoo of praying hands on left neck and an ace of spades near his right eye. Offered girl a big rock of heroin, but when she got in, there were three other men hiding in the back seat. One put a cloth covered in chloroform over her mouth to knock her out. They took her to the foothills, repeatedly attacked her. Left a handwritten note in her bra that read, “My mom died doing prostitution.” Picked her up at Central and Utah about 8 pm. 10/21/14

  • Maroon Chevy Blazer, White man with blonde hair, in his early 20s, was following young girls near Hayes Middle School, Lomas and Wyoming, then following them up to Copper and trying to get them to get in his car. 10/27/14

  • Black Dodge Charger, driven by bald black man, following young girls aged 10-12 in the neighborhood near Tennessee and Central and exposing himself. 10/24/14. Possibly same man listed below who drives black mustang.

  • Nickel-colored Lincoln with tinted windows. Black man, bald, 37 years old, wearing Oakley glasses and a Red Sox hat, with both ears pierced. Threatened girl with gun placed on her genitals. Happened around midnight near Central and Wyoming. 10/9/14

  • Black mustang with gray stripes, black man, bald, late 30s, had wheelchair in back, pulled gun on transgender girl. Texas and Central. 10/16/14

  • Large white 4-door pickup in the 6700 block of Central near the Luxury Inn is picking up women at night, beating them, and dropping them on the road. Information provided by APD. 10/3/14

  • Tan older, big car, driven by black man, heavy set. Woman was walking on 64th Street, when the man, who she didn’t know, starting calling out to her. He got out of the car, started walking with her, then tried to pull her into his car. 10/28/14

  • ON FOOT ATTACK: A woman was walking about 11 pm on Central Avenue near 64th Street when she was approached by a skinny male, 5-feet 8-inches tall who was talking on his cell phone. He asked her if she was working. She said no and kept walking. Within a few feet another man jumped out. He was Hispanic, with black, slicked-back hair, light complexion, built, 5-feet 9-inches tall, in his 30s. He began to beat her, punching her in the face. The woman thinks they were going to rape her, but they stopped when they heard people nearby. There have been similar reports from other women. 10/3/14

  • ARRESTED: Carmel Gutierrez was arrested on 9/29/14 for the rape and murder of Maryellen Gutierrez (They are not related). Carmel Gutierrez is also a suspect in several other rapes. Please let us know if you have any information. It will be kept completely confidential.

  • White car that looked like a Camry, Hispanic male 35 years old, had a gun. Threw girl out naked. Happened around Alvarado and Central about midnight. 8/28/14

  • Gold Ford Taurus, Chicano man with a goatee, 5 feet, 11 inches tall, stocky. Gave girl a ride and kidnapped her, driving to the m­­ountains. Girl w­as able to use her pepper spray to get away. Coors and Central. Midnight. 9/16/14

  • REPEAT OFFENDER, USES MULTIPLE CARS: Burgundy 4-door Taurus or Gold Cadillac, 4-door; both cars have child seats in the back, Driven by Chicano man, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, dark brown hair spiky, and dark brown eyes, tribal tattoos in his mid-30s. Tried to kidnap, beat up girl. In the past, he used a gun. 60th and Central.

  • Blue 2-door truck, Mexican man, mustache, baseball cap, looked like a construction worker. Had UNM lobo license plates. Drives around without pants. Wouldn’t let the girl leave the car. Made her give him oral sex. Coors and Central. 9/12/14

  • Tan PT cruiser, the man had long black hair in a ponytail. He pulled a gun on a woman and threatened her as she began to leave him near Louisiana and Central, across from the Caravan. The woman escaped. Happened at 3 a.m. on 8/4/14

  • Older brown Cadillac with big rim tires, dark-skinned Hispanic or African-American man tried to pull woman into the car through a partially opened window and punched her in the face. About 9 p.m. at Vermont and Central. 8/15/14

  • Dark gray 4-door Chevy Caviler with dark plastic cover over license plate. White man who acts Hispanic but isn’t, in his 30s, short, stocky. Talks weird, like he is trying to disguise his voice. Dark hair that is longer in front but put in a bun on top of his head in the back. Uses front hair to try to cover his face. His arms have big veins. Offered girl a ride then attacked her. She blacked out. Woke up 4 hours later in the middle of the street. He picked her up around 11:30 pm near Louisiana and Central. 6/21/14

  • 2006-2007 Maroon Galant, Hispanic man, goatee, early 30s, with tattoo of goat horns on right side of his neck, picked up trans girl near Wyoming and Central, kidnapped her to Moriarty, raped her. 6/3/14

  • ON FOOT ATTACK; Native man in his 40, slight build, short hair, Grabbed woman, raped her as she walked near 60th and Central around midnight. 7/21/14

  • Small truck, white guy with blond hair in a bun on his head. Beat girl up, choked her. Around 4pm near Tennessee and Central. 8/8/14

  • Gold 4-door Chevy, black man with dreadlocks, picked up girl around 4 pm near Central and Louisiana. After the date was over, he beat her up and threw her out of the car. 6/4/14

  • Black, sporty 2-door car, Hispanic man, 26 years old, married, during date he wanted to talk about his daughter and showed pictures on his phone of several young girls he said he raped. Central and Wyoming. 6/5/14

  • Silver truck, 4-door, Hispanic man named Gilbert, in his 40s, crew cut, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, medium build, during date kept saying, “I do this to my daughter,” and kept saying her name. Central and Louisiana. 6/3/14

  • Gray pickup with long bed, old washer and dryer in back, tinted windows, white man, kidnapped woman, took her to airport. Robbed her then threw her out. 6/5/1

  • Man on bicycle, named “Dominic,” in his 20s, with fade haircut, who looks like the man on his list who drives the Gold Cadillac, tried to rape girl, happened near 60th and Central. 6/15/13

  • Light blue older Buick, possibly a La Saber, 4-door, no tint on windows, two car seats in the back, Man was part Puerto Rican, part Black, spoke good English, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, bald, clean shaven, good looking, stocky. Picked up girl at Sonic near Coors and Central around midnight. Offer $20 for sex, when girl refused, he brought her to cemetery and raped her. 6/15/14

  • Gold compact car. Man, light complexion, 20 years old, slight/medium build, wearing a hoodie, grabbed purse from woman at Los Padillas Community Center bus stop and ran to his car. 11/10/13

  • Young Hispanic man on a bicycle, with fade haircut, 5 feet 9 inches tall, started choking girl. 60th and Central. 6/2/14

  • Black Ford F-150 with chrome and a lift kit, pulls up next to girl and asks if she needs a ride, she says “no” and three people jump out - 2 men and a woman - rob and beat her, search her body cavities. Charleston and Central. 7 pm. 5/30/14

  • Two young men on foot, punched a woman in the face, grabbed her backpack and ran away. The men came from behind, so the woman didn't get a description. The incident happened at the Alvarado Transportation Center about 8 p.m. The woman says others have reported the same thing happening in that area. 4/5/13 

  • 2-door green 1980s car, white man, bald, glasses, in his 40s, skinny, tall, about 6-feet, 3 inches. Was on foot and started harassing woman who was waiting for the bus. She left and he kept following her, then got into his car and kept following her. 4 pm. 60th and Central. 5/11/14

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Red 4 door sedan, make/model unknown, Hispanic man in his early 20’s skinny. Offered $15 for a date and when the woman said no, he punched her, split her lip. Central and Indiana. 11:30 pm. 5/24/14

  • ARRESTED; ON FOOT ATTACK; Woman was sitting on bench near Central and Loma Verde when a Native man who was a stranger walked by and threatened to cut her throat then punched her. A passing police officer saw it happen and, after making sure the woman was okay, arrested the man. 10 pm. 5/27/14

  • Land Rover, Black man in his 40s, fat, wearing a white cap and sunglasses. Drives around naked, masturbating; stops next to people and opens his door to show off. Palomas and Zuni. 3 pm. 5/5/14

  • Red older 4-door Cadillac, three men, one was Hispanic; called girl over to the car, had guns. Pennsylvania and Central. 3:30 am. 5/5/14

  • Gold Ford, older 4-door luxury car, Hispanic man in early 20s, about 5-feet 6 –inches tall, with short black hair. Offered $25 for sex; when she refused he followed her for a while then got out and started beating her. Wyoming and Central. 10 pm. 5/7/14

  • REPEAT OFFENDER, USES MULTIPLE CARS: Mexican, bald, tattoos on head, seen in White Ford Explorer, red Beetle Bug, gold Cadillac, maroon minivan. Attacks girls. Central and Wyoming. 5/3/14

  • White Cadillac Deville, low-rider, heavy tinted windows, Hispanic man, short, dark hair, muscular build, sunglasses, wearing a wife beater. Called over man who was panhandling, asked for oral sex, flashed his penis, gun on passenger seat. Louisiana and Montgomery. 6:45 pm. 5/2/14

  • Heavy duty, white Ford truck with tinted windows, Older Black man, with big chest, like he worked out. Claimed girl owed him money even though they had never met then maced her. Central and University. March, 2014

  • Red car, 2-door, with chipped pain, old, driven by young black man. Central and Wyoming. 5/3/14

  • Black man, about 6 feet tall, on foot, asks girls for a date, then if they want to get high then gets rough. Near Central and Wyoming. 5/3/14

  • Rust/orange colored Hummer, Mexican man, clean cut, in early 20's, took transgender girl to a parking lot near Florida and Central and parked up against a wall so she could not open the car door. He beat her severely and violently raped her anally. 10 pm 4/30/14

  • Gold Honda Civic, 4 door. Bald, short, Mexican man in his late 20's or early 30's, heavier set and spoke with a heavy Spanish accent. He act's really sweet but then "snaps.” He forced her to do oral sex and talked about young girls including his daughters while he raped her. He also robbed her and appeared high on meth. Picked up girl around 12:30 am near Louisiana and Central. 4/16/14

  • White Corsica, 4-door. Says he’s a cop then leaves girl in the middle of nowhere. Louisiana and Central. 4/23/14

  • Gray Silverado truck, 4-door. Native man from Kansas. Tries to pay with a can of beer then gets crazy, yelling, threatening. Leaves girl far away from pick up spot which was near Wyoming and Central. 4/22/14

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Gold Cadillac, 4-door; Driven by Chicano man, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, dark brown hair spiky, and dark brown eyes, tribal tattoos in his mid-30s. Tried to kidnap, beat up girl. In the past, he used a gun. Happened near 60th and Central 4/28/13

  • Cream-colored Chrysler 300, Hispanic man with thick accent, mustache, and chunky with a “beer belly”. Girl told him to settle down or she would not do the date. Girl was raped. 60th and Coors 4/12/14.

  • Four-door old “hooptie” car with blue/yellow New Mexico plates, no tinted windows. Mexican man with dark hair and eyes, acts nice at first. Picked girl up on Lomas at 10 pm and then attacked her. Threw her out naked. 4/11/14

  • White/Cream-colored Dodge truck, long bed with black company logo on passenger door. Middle -aged Hispanic man with bugged-out eyes, looked like he had flecks on dry wall on his skin. Offered girl a ride then raped her. Wyoming and Central. Summer 2013.

  • Blue, older VW Rabbit with hard top. Hispanic man, 21 years old, good-looking, thin with fade haircut, Picked girl up around 10 pm near Eubank and Central. When he wouldn’t go where she asked him to, she tried to leave, he wouldn’t let her. She was able to pepper spray him and get away. 4/9/14

  • White truck. Hispanic man in his 20s, offered $11 for oral sex, when girl said “no,” he followed her, got out of car, beat her up and raped her, saying, “You should have just taken the money.” Around 10:30 pm near Central and Old Coors. 3/17/14

  • Full-sized, red, newer Ford truck. Mexican man with mustache, goatee, when girl told him where to go, he wouldn’t stop. She opened the door to get out, and he sped up. She had to jump out and he tried to chase her. Near Churchill and Old Coors. 8 pm. 3/16/14

  • Beat up, older 2-door silver car. Hispanic, medium build, Biblical tattoo on right cheek. He pays up front then strangles girl until she passes out, then rapes her. He said several times, "I am St Michael and I am here to kill all the ho's.” Picked up girl near Central and Wyoming. 3/27/14

  • Silver Gallant, 4-door, tinted windows, hubcap spinners. Asian/white man, early 20s, passenger door locks are disabled. Had knife an tried to rape anally. Woman was able to escape through window. Central and Wyoming. 3/10/14

  • Plum/magenta Sienna mini van, gray stripe on bottom. Woman was walking near Dallas and Central when car pulled up with two Hispanic men inside. They tried to pull her inside. 7 pm. 3/15/14

  • Gold Acura older model 1990s. no inside passenger door handle looked shaved off. White man 40ish with Cuban accent had plastic rolled out in back of truck. 11/1/13

  • Black minivan. Older Hispanic man wearing dark glasses, with a scar above upper lip, picked up girl near Wyoming and Central around 4 p.m., pulled out a gun, took girl up to mountains. 1/30/14

Sample BGL flyers from 2014

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