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  • Gray four-door sedan and a blue “packing” truck — Heavy-set, stocky man with slicked back light-blonde hair; drives a , inside door of car doesn’t open; hit girl on head with gun; she was able to escape. Later, he stalked her, shot at her and tried to run her over. Speaks Spanish fluently, speaks English with a “weird” accent, used to be manager at Lotaburger near where he picked her up on Wyoming and Central; said he was the West Side Killer. Aug. 2012

  • Black Altima with New Mexico plates — 18-19 year old Native man, offers alcohol, picked up on Central, yells, says he has a gun, kidnapped girl, she was able to escape in Bernalillo. Attack happened Aug. 2012, but here are multiple complaints about him.

  • Newer, black Silverado truck — Black man, muscular, fit. Passenger door doesn’t have handle or lock, pulls knife and rapes anally. Dec. 2012

  • White diesel truck — Black man in his late 20s with dreadlocks, truck possibly with Texas plates. Attacked happened around Sept. 2012.

  • Old cop car showed badge — Handcuffed the girl then beat and raped her. Took her to West Mesa area. Nov. 2012

  • Black man named Al — lives at Value Place Motel on Central near Tramway, takes dates to his room, beats women, rapes and robs them. Oct. 2012

  • Brown, older van — 30-35-year-old nice-looking man, robbed girl, raped her, broke her jaw. Oct. 2012

  • Four-door purple car — 32-year-old man, 5'6" and 160-175 pounds, balding, "weird looking chin," says he is from New York and in the reserves, name starts with an "A," took girl to mountains and raped her. Told her, "Where I am taking you, you're not coming back." Girl was able to get away. Oct. 2012


  • 4-door Buick, Heavy-set white male — pulled over at Edith and Central to give a woman a ride home. He said he was a cook at Maloney’s. He raped her. Sept. 2011

  • 4-door teal Toyota or Kia with child seat in backseat — 30-35 year old male; very handsome; very clean; dark skin; black eyes and hair. Picked up a girl on Rhode Island and put on black gloves. Ran red lights and stop signs and pulled up behind an office building. Raped. Aug. 2011

  • Off-White Pathfinder — Heavy Hispanic man, mid 30s, short hair, pulled a knife, picked up between 2-3 a.m. in the Tennessee and Central area. April 2011

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Silver Altima with super tinted windows — Big, hefty, Native guy, early 30s. Out on Central around 5 to 8 a.m. has knife, steals money. Took woman to alley on Kentucky between Acoma and Zuni. Jan 2010 and Feb. 2011

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Blue Minivan — Light-skinned black man with cleft upper lip (scar above lip). Out on Central between San Pedro and San Pablo around 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. Rapes and beats women. WARNING: We’ve had four different reports of this guy in the last two weeks. Jan. 2010

  • Blue van 1995 — late 40s, 5’9” tall, white, light brown hair, chubby. Ties girls up and rapes them. Picks them up around Tennessee and Central. Feb 2011

  • Black Lexus — Black man, nice at first, wants sympathy, then pulls a knife, around Tennessee and Central area. April 2011

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Red 1990s Chevy with white stripe on driver’s side only — Thin, Hispanic, short dark hair, early 30s, No door handles on the inside; beats and rapes girls; has weapons, neighborhood of Presbyterian hospital. May 2010 and Jan. 2011


  • Red Grand AM — Guy pulled out gun and raped girl around Tennessee and Central (no date given) White male; early 30s; called “Billie” — Brown hair, brown eyes; rich boy. Beats girls. And chokes them unconscious. He is a smoker. July 2010

  • White van with ladder on top — van only has two windows; Heavy Native man with long ponytail. Raped woman on Wyoming and Central Aug. 2010

  • Gold 2009 Caravan — Mexican/black man in his late 40s to early 50s. Offers women $50 for a date, rapes, sodomizes, beats and takes their money.

  • ARRESTED: 4-door white Nissan King Cab Titan —Hispanic/white male; thick build, mid to late 20s. Black, spiky hair. He impersonates Albuquerque police officer, handcuffs girls, takes to a secluded place and rapes. June 2010

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Green Caravan — Half black, half Hispanic or white, heavy set, stocky, baldheaded, mid 20s. There is a for-sale sign on the side back windows. One incident slapped a woman and in another incident punched the woman. June 2010

  • White work van with ladder and racks — Young Mexican, “OMNI” is written on the van; picked up girl on Wyoming and took her to a place nearby; beat and raped her. June 2010

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Tan Caravan — half black, half white, late 30s, looks like a linebacker, football helmets in car. He beats and rapes girls. He drives between San Pedro and Wyoming on Central every morning from 5 to 8 a.m. May 2010


  • Light Grey car — black, mid 20s, soft spoken at first then made death threats, pulled out gun. Took girl to the foothills. Raped for two hours. License plate is in the window and not visible. Car seat in back. Nov. 2009

  • White S-10 pickup — also drives a dark gray 4-door sedan; black man in his 50s; pretended to be a cop with a badge, very nicely dressed, expensive cologne; Took to Gibson. Made girl kiss then started biting. Robbed girl. March 2009

  • Tan Silverado 1997-98 — half Hispanic half white, arrows on side mirrors. Pulled out gun. Woman started crying and he handed the gun to her, made her get out of car and back up so she couldn’t see license plate. Nov. 2009

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: Small black car — Tall, big black man, picked up at Central and Pennsylvania, rapes, sodomizes girl. 2009


NOTE: These reports were taken by other agencies prior to Street Safe starting the Bad Guy List

  • 20-23 year old Hispanic male on foot — 1 a.m. by Bea’s on Central. He was wearing dark pants and white shoes, well dressed. Grabbed girl from behind and dragged her into a dark area. Had knife. Very threatening and cruel. Sodomized girl. (She tried to flag down a cop afterward, but cop did not stop) Aug. 2008

  • REPEAT OFFENDER: White Chevy Diesel 4x4 Double Cab — pretends to be a cop, shows badge, dark Hispanic make, late 20s or early 30s, white rack in back window, has tool box; raped girl. License plate in front has skulls on it, non-tinted windows. May and July 2008

  • Red Double Cab 4x4 — Hispanic male between 40-50 years old. Almost cut throat. May 2008

  • Black Corvette — Heavy-set black males, beats and rapes women and doesn’t pay May 2008

  • White Double Cab with Luggage in Back — looks about 28 years old. Hispanic male. Nice looking. May sleep in truck. Gets violent. Offers $50. April 2008

  • Silver or Gold 4-door — heavy-set young black man, light skinned bald, gansta type, goes by Xavier, says he has “heat" in the backseat and is not afraid to use it, starts off nice then ends up calling women "bitches,” generally offers $30-$40. April 2008

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