The Bad Guy List gives descriptions of the men who are out preying on street women in Albuquerque. The men on this list beat, kidnap, rape or attempt to kill the women. Some of the men have specially outfitted their cars for these attacks. Most often, they will disable the interior locks so a passenger can’t get out. They also will sharpen a passenger-side door lock into a spike so if a woman attempts to unlock the door, she will be cut.


After an attack, the victims — who are homeless women and sex-trafficking victims — will come to talk with Street Safe volunteers. Often, the victims want to share what happened to them with the street community to help other women avoid a similar fate. Street Safe makes a weekly list describing the most recent attacks by these Bad Guys, and hands it out to our clients.


We also send the descriptions to law enforcement agencies. We do not give information about the victim, unless she has given us permission to do so, because most of the women fear they will be judged for their life choices and possibly arrested.


Unfortunately, because there is no complaining victim, these cases never get investigated and no one is ever brought to justice. That means these men continue to attack because they know they will not be caught.

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