Street Safe New Mexico is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit that follows a harm-reduction philosophy by striving to reduce the harmful consequences associated with life on the street. Most of the women we serve have been victims of human sex-trafficking, while others have struggled with homelessness and addiction.


That is who we are on paper.


But at our core, Street Safe is something of a “guerilla” nonprofit. We don’t sit around and talk about how to best advocate for street women, wringing our hands and measuring our words. We take action.


We got tired of seeing street woman we’ve known for years be raped and killed, so we made nonlethal hand-to-hand combat weapons for them. We’ve handed out thousands for free.


We got sick of the nameless men who get away with these crimes. So we created a list of the attackers that we hand out every week to the women. This “act first“ policy makes us a ragtag bunch of volunteers.


We are not slick. We are not poised. We do not know how to practice politics. We don’t sit around an office - mainly because we don’t have one - and look over spreadsheets and plan fundraising events.


We prefer to be where we make a difference - on the street. Talking and laughing with the women we serve. Helping them stay alive.

This is how we advocate. Hard.

Street Safe is a proud member
of the New Mexico Advocacy Coalition and the New Mexico Trafficking Task Force


Kathleen Burke
Associate Director

Kathleen joined Street Safe in 2014 after seeing the number of unhoused women, young and old, increasing in Albuquerque. She called Street Safe with a simple question, “What can we do to bring them comfort?”


Since then, Kathleen has co-managed our weekly Outreach.The women we serve know Kathleen best by her job overseeing the popular clothes distribution program, which provides stylish, weather-appropriate recycled clothing to women who, otherwise, have few belongings.


Kathleen also works on anti-sex trafficking public policy, collaborating with officials at the City of Albuquerque and the State of New Mexico, to improve protections for the women we serve. She is a board member of the Southeast Area Community Policing Council, where she advocates for at-risk women in Albuquerque's Southeast Heights, and a board member of the La Mesa Community Improvement Association, the neighborhood where much of Street Safe's work is carried out.


In 2009, the bodies of 11 women were found buried on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, NM. The women had all been living on the street and had disappeared almost six years earlier, yet no one in the public even knew they were missing. Christine Barber and Cindy Jaramillo met soon after and got to talking about why the women had been so ignored. Cindy shared her story about life on the street and her kidnapping by David Parker Ray, the Toy Box serial killer, then said, "All I want is for there to be a group that pays attention to the women on the street." So they started the Street Safe.
Cindy Jaramillo
Christine Barber
Executive Director/ co-founder


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